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It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.
Charles Darwin

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5 2016 February

Manager Vinzari Corporative

Приглашаем в успешную и амбициозную команду талантливого менеджера по продажам IT услуг и продуктов!

Cooperation process

Order project

1. Conversations Over Coffee

It all starts with a tea or coffee. It all we need to start a new project!

2. Creating tasks

Together with you we fill the brief, draw up terms of reference and sign the necessary documents.

3. Payment of the services

At this stage, the payment services rendered. 50% is paid at the beginning of the project and 50% to its completion.

4. Project development

At this stage, miracles occur. Designer creates the portal model, then developers create make-up and add functionality to your portal.

5. Launching the project

We are launching the project and we are glad